Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Pure Pusuit?

I realize that the title you find here is ambiguous (subject to various interpretations). “The Pure Pursuit” sounds somewhat of a lofty endeavor. Of course, even the word lofty can mean different things and used to define two far extremes.


1. Of imposing height.
2. Elevated in character; exalted.
3. Affecting grandness; pompous.
4. Arrogant; haughty.

The definition is set within the context it’s used.

So then, we find that words have meaning and meanings have words.

What is the “The Pure Pursuit” then?
Is it that there is a pursuit that is pure, or something pure worth pursuing or simply a pursuit and nothing else?


The word pure can be used of things that are vastly different or at poles with each other.

What’s pure water or pure wisdom in comparison to pure dirt or pure folly?
Though a pig may find itself quite content to wallow in a deep pile of pure dirt… Some people would consider it to be purely disgusting!

You say, “then pure is relative.”

In the world of relativity you may be right.

But in a world of moral relativity, where values and truth are always changing and being redefined by how each new generation feels, there is a problem.

There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. Pro 30:12


I live in Michigan. When Deer season comes around, there are a great number of hunters that set out to pursue and bring home the prize. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what defines “The Prize” to a deer hunter.

Many will come home with a doe or two. Some will come home with nothing. But few will come home with the prize... The “monster buck” that sets the record.
Naturally, in order to come home with the prize, the hunter has to move outside of his own comfort zone, and do more than just study books about "How to Bring Home the Prize". He has to go out there and practice what he has learned. We would agree that if he doesn't, there will never be a prize.

It’s easy to understand a pursuit that has a tangible goal and that everyone understands and agrees with (i.e.; The Big Buck… whether that’s the deer or the dollar),

but when the goal (or Prize) itself is defined differently and as intangible by the interpretation and opinions of everyone, then we are left to wonder which one is really the prize we should be pursuing. We want to know the truth... the pure truth. Does it exist? Is it more tangible than we think?

The challenge isn’t for me to prove that pure truth exists, if it didn’t, there is nothing for me to lose. I am content to be convinced that it does and that “He” (The Truth) rewards those who diligently seek (pursue) Him. Nevertheless, there still remains a pursuit that needs defining as well. Maybe it's an insatiable desire that keeps a person from being satisfied with what is status quo.. So then, in the life of faith, the pursuit may be described as a believing that produces a life of trust and committment to the path defined by Pure Truth Himself, even if it leads totally outside of one's comfort zone, beyond the status quo. Maybe it can be described as "committed tracking" of the “Great Reward”, the real Prize. (see Gen 15:1 ; Psa 19:7 - 11)

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield to them that put their trust in him. Pro 30:5

So now “The Pure Pursuit” at least how it is to be understood here, takes on flesh (or substance).

It is a life that is determined to find God in everyday life; at home, in the office, in learning, in aging, in hardships, in relationships with wife, children, family, neighbors, enemies, and the rest of the world… how it should look according to what is lovingly and graciously defined for us by God in His self-disclosing Holy Word.

..because it is written, "Be holy, for I am holy". 1 Pet. 1:16 (
See Lev 19:2 ; Lev 20:7)

Does that sounds like a high mark to hit?


Has God set us all up for failure?…

Or has He set us up from a place of failure… to a position in Him , giving us the power that enables us to pursue a prize that is secured in His Son? If it be the latter, then here lies the reason, the purpose for “The Pure Pursuit’, that is; pressing in to discover the disclosed desires of His heart and what pleases Him, by choosing out of responsive love to submit to His instructions and commands, and by allowing Him to purge those things in us that take us off track; the impurities that are at poles to His character, His love, His holiness, HIS IMAGE in us.

This is our reasonable act of worship.

Now does that sound difficult?

Is there anything impossible with God?

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God... Matthew 5:8

David Gonzalez


Anonymous said...
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Curt Mudgett said...

Dave, I like how you have taken the time to share your heart in a way that reflects some genuine reflection and a desire to see that others might be encouraged by your thoughts. It's a risk any time we make ourselves vulnerable and open ourselves up especially to the range that comes with a format that supports anonymity. I like the title...Pure Pursuit. Could be a book title...maybe someday you can sift and synthesize what happens on your blog, draw some conclusions, and get published! Though this already is a form of publishing, isn't it? Time here on earth is of great essence and opportunity. Setting our affections on things above as Colossians chapter 3 talks about has immediate application for the here and now(almost paradoxical)--and reflects in being others-centered. I don't want to get too preachy but our culture is the great enemy to intimacy though a lot of what it produces(love songs, people trying to connect) tells of an appetite it doesn't quite know how to reach in order to satiate. Thanks for your thoughts on true friendship. How many Christians does the Enemy get tied up in pursuits of busyness and outwardly looking success only to have a profound regret creep upon them as the years mount up. Who did they really get to know? Celebrities on TV in those Reality Shows? I'm almost 45 (and I think you're not far behind!) and yet I already am struck by wishing I had chosen differently. Does that affect what I do now or do I feel like some things were set in motion long ago and now I'm just an observer. I think that's another deception of the enemy. Fixing our eyes on Jesus is all about fixing our eyes on others around us that we could be Jesus to.